The Water Wasters! A Scary Bedtime Story

waterwasteThere once was a small thriving town in the middle of a desert.  The only source of water was a large tank filled to the brim with water that came from a source far, far away.  The townspeople could use the water as they liked since the tank magically filled right back up again.  But one day, a young woman climbed up the ladder on the side of the tank and looked down. It wasn't filled to the brim anymore! The tank was half was empty!  She rushed back to the town and organized a town meeting.  It was agreed the only way to save the town, was to change their water habits.  But some folks hadn't bother to come to the town meeting, others attended but refused to believe it was really happening, others thought they didn't need to heed the warnings because...well...just because. Still others believed that everything would work out okay and pointed out the tank wasn't half empty it was half full. They threw away the list of ways to help and carried on with the old ways. They came to be known as "The Water Wasters." During the following months, a majority of the townspeople worked diligently to change their watering habits, but the Wasters kept running their water while brushing their teeth or rinsing their dishes and letting their sprinklers go on so long, the water flowed into the gutter.  They took long showers, threw a kleenex in the toilet and flushed, watered their lawns whenever they felt like it- ignoring the watering days.  They didn't notify a neighbor who might have forgotten their sprinkler was on.  The tank slowly got lower and lower.  So the townspeople agreed to fine the Water Wasters to see if this would help.   After awhile the town gathered together and went back to check the water levels.....and this is the part of the story where you, dear Water Wasters...write the ending.

Just changing One Habit can make a difference...more than one habit, a HUGE difference.  Help our city, our community and ourselves. In our household we have a basin in the sink, and when it fills up with water we've used to rinse off  a spoon etc. it's poured into the bucket next to the sink, then taken to the garden to water the plants. To find out ways to be a Water Saver  there are many sites online. 

Here are a few.  

For Kids:

For adults:,

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