Prostitution Along Western

Prostitution Along Western Neighborhood websites have been lighting up with complaints, pictures and reactions to the prostitution that plagues Western Blvd.  TNN decided to sit down with a seasoned veteran of the prostitution problem on Western, Captain Palazzolo from Olympic Division.TNN:In what area of Western Blvd. is prostitution most active? Capt.…

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Wilshire Police Division Going the Extra Mile for the Homeless

Wilshire Police Division Going the Extra Mile for the Homeless TNN:Sgt. Morgan, I know that you've have been assigned as the Wilshire Division liaison for homeless issues in our community, so can you tell us a little bit about that project?  Sgt. Morgan:At the beginning of this year I was asked to see what else we can do to…

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Resident Water Saving Winners

Resident Water Saving WinnersTNN put out a call to readers to submit photos and stories showing how they saved water and the winner would get a $50 gift to their favorite TNN restaurant.  We couldn't decide between Greg Schreiner of Carmona Ave. and Maria Norris of Somerset Dr. so we will split the…

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Going Nextdoor

Going NextdoorToday’s world is a fast-paced and increasingly tech-centric world, yet despite our virtual connectivity, many of us feel disconnected from the community at large.  A 2014 study conducted by Harris Interactive found that just 14 percent of Americans have a way to communicate with most or all of their neighbors.…

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Small Victory For 16th Place Residents

Small Victory For 16th Place ResidentsPrior to the recent CD10 elections and after several years of endless unanswered emails, Council President Wesson finally met with 16th Place residents to intervene on their behalf with the CIM development agency. CIM created the development at the corner of San Vicente and Venice Blvd. and includes big name…

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Freeport McMoRan's Burning Desire - An Interview with Steve Peckman

Freeport McMoRan's Burning Desire - An Interview with Steve PeckmanIn an effort to keep oil giant Freeport McMoRan and the City engaged  in a process that ensures fair play, transparency, and accountability to protect the health and welfare of their community, Steve Peckman and Michael Salman, with the help of Council President Wesson forced Freeport back to the table…

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Coyote Sighting

Coyote SightingA coyote has been spotted in the Longwood Highlands community (between Olympic and San Vicente from Rimpau to La Brea).   Resident and Block Captain for the Longwood Area Neighborhood Watch, Joyce White, reports, “A HUGE Coyote, as big or perhaps BIGGER than my dog Bentley, was spotted trying to…

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NATURAL IVY FOUNDATION - WORKING FOR CD10's HOMELESSSome hold up signs at freeway exits, others live nomadic lives out of their shopping carts but not much else is known about the area’s homeless community. Natural Ivy Foundation located on Hobart at Venice Blvd,  focuses on learning more about the people who live on the streets of Council District…

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OWNER OF LOCAL BAKERY MAISON DU PAIN GUILTY OF EMBEZZLEMENTOn Aug. 6 2005 Carmen Salindong and her sister Josephine Santos opened up the French bakery, La Maison du Pain, (House of Bread) on Pico Blvd, just east of Hauser.  According to an LA Times article written soon after they opened -“Had Carmen Salindong and Josephine Santos instead chosen…

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Marie Tropet, New Executive Director at The South Seas House

Marie Tropet, New Executive Director at The South Seas HouseThe long-time parks leader, Marie Tropet, has been appointed to West Adams' South Sea House, an LA City Recreation and Parks facility located in an historic former home on 24th Street and Normandie. Tropet, who started at the SSH last October, has served in some of Los Angeles' most challenging…

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