TRASH TALK!Research by Gavin GlynnAlthough neighborhoods surrounding Washington Blvd. are well cared for by the residents,  you would not know this if you are one of the many drivers using this busiest of streets. Unsanitary trash cans along the boulevard spill over in both directions like geysers, often filled with leftover…

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BLACK COMMUNITIES MATTERA community coalition comes together and slays the giant developer CIM.Reprinted with permission from CityWatchLA.comA powerful and diverse coalition of housing justice organizers, community organizations, business and civic leaders, and former elected officials has beaten back CIM Group, one of the most powerful real estate companies in America with strong…

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I AM NOT YOUR ENEMYI am one of the 249 Los Angeles Police Officers currently assigned to Wilshire Division 1 of the Los Angeles Police Department.We were essentially “ground zero” in the recent violent unrest. Perhaps you know me as the fascist, the stormtrooper, the pig, the bastard … and those are just some…

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Interview with State Senator HOLLY MITCHELL In a Run Off for L.A. Supervisor Part 2 of 3

Interview with State Senator  HOLLY MITCHELL In a Run Off for L.A. Supervisor Part 2 of 3 MENTAL ILLNESS AND ADDICTIONTNN: I want to focus a bit on addiction and mental illness among the homeless, because there are different thoughts about how to handle that. And as you know, they’re very difficult to house. They don’t like to stay or there’s a lot of drama. And so,…

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INTERVIEW WITH GRACE YOO IN A RUNOFF TO REPRESENT COUNCIL DISTRICT 10WHY YOU AND NOT MARK RIDLEY-THOMAS?The Neighborhood News: Why do you think with all his connections, money, endorsements and position, Mark Ridley-Thomas [MRT] couldn't quite reach 50% of the vote?Grace Yoo:Because people want change. Because most voters know that he and Herb Wesson are trying to very undemocratically…

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GETTING A COVID 19 TESTAs we move into month number three of the COVID-19 “Safer-at Home” order, there is some movement which will allow us more freedom on all fronts especially business & commerce. With that said, the threat COVID-19 poses are far from over. In fact, if we fail to keep up social…

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A Young Family Adapts

A Young Family AdaptsOn December 4, 2019, our second daughter "Lottie" was born, and with her came a sort of self-imposed quarantine. I stayed home that month, resting and taking the baby out only for pediatrician appointments and a Christmas Eve lunch with friends. My husband took a few weeks off work, a…

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A Family of Adults Join with Neighbors to Survive Alone, Together.

A Family of Adults Join with Neighbors  to Survive Alone, Together.Pandemically speaking, my household of four adults and four fur babies are learning how to get to know each other all over again.Three of my adult children, who are currently living at home, are finally behaving the way I wanted them to behave as teenagers - clearly communicating their…

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DESTINATION: PICO PEDESTRIAN "BEG BUTTONS" HAVE BEEN DISABLEDAt every crosswalk on Pico in our neighborhood, you now don't have to touch the yellow button to get the walk sign before you cross the street. The walk sign is activated automatically with every green light. This temporary change means there's one less thing we…

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June 2020 Update: L.A.'s Lawsuit Against the FAA

June 2020 Update: L.A.'s Lawsuit Against the FAA  RECAP:  Los Angeles residents organized and joined the nation wide outcry against the implementation of the change in incoming flight paths called NextGen.  This change created a superhighway of single lane flights over residents from Malibu, Santa Monica, Culver City and Los Angeles.The flights from the north and…

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