Dear Councilman Wesson

Sent to Councilman Wesson on Monday Sept. 23

Dear Councilman Wesson,

Can you please explain the lack of response to the requests from 16th place regarding the "promises" you have made to them in their effort to have their city representative assist them with the important issues regarding the problems in their community and the request from The Neighborhood News regarding information on the sidewalk repair project?   Although John Harmon did respond promptly to our request for information, he was unable to supply any, other than to redirect us to Edward who is unavailable.

We are aware that sidewalks have been repaired in the upscale Lafayette Sq. [Correction: Lafayette repairs were apparently scheduled and haven't actually taken place yet] further promoting the perception that some members of the community are attended to and taken care of while others are utterly ignored. Unfortunately this fuels the ongoing and growing general perception in the community that you think some of your constituents are thought more valuable then others. Whether or not this is true, when you and your council office continuously ignore email requests, not even acknowledging the requests, while other community members elicit response and support,   it fuels this perception.

Could  you kindly find the time in your busy schedule to respond to 16th Place's request (see below) and to make CD10's intentions regarding the sidewalk repair project (schedule, source of funds, timeline) available?

Dianne Lawrence


The Neighborhood News


Sent: Monday, September 23, 2013 11:38 AM

Subject: Re: Planting on Venice Blvd. and related issues - 

Dear Councilmember Wesson,

Please update us on the steps you've taken to follow through with the mitigations and measures you are committed to delivering.


Robert Portillo

16th Place Neighborhood Association  

[This request has been sent to Councilman Wesson 45 times

As of press time, Councilman Wesson's office has not supplied requested information to TNN nor 16th Place.]




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