Wesson's Gate? What Requested Documents Reveal

Since the downsizing of the larger city newspapers and the growth of desktop publishing, local community news sources have stepped in to celebrate, ruminate and investigate their local neighborhoods and politicians. It has become more difficult for local politicians to keep information about their activities under their spin and “politics…

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Paycuts For Our Councilman?

Councilman Wesson, along with other councilmembers, enjoys one of the highest government salary’s in the nation, $178,789. Yet while thousands of city employees are losing their jobs, taking pay cuts or are going on furloughs, he is among 7 Councilmembers who has, so far,  refused to take a pay cut.…

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Councilman Wesson Reaches Out to Neighborhood Councils

In some recent ‘Eye On Wesson’ reports, we explored the difficulties in the communication between Councilman Wesson’s office and some Neighborhood councils. We also reported on his efforts to create open channels between them. We promised to follow up and are happy to report this email from Councilman Wesson explaining

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If You Call, Will He Be There?

In an effort to rectify the chill that has set in between his office and some of District 10’s Neighborhood Councils (NC’s), Councilman Wesson has agreed to meet with individual councils for some fence mending.While his offer to provide food has been gladly accepted by some, Mid City Neighborhood…

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BarriersEditorial August 2009 by Dianne V. Lawrence   As many of you may be aware, the installation of Traffic Barriers in our community has caused a break within that community. The installation of a full barrier next to our Fire Department preventing immediate emergency access to our neighborhood and others was a…

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"I'm The Decider"

Editorial Councilman Wesson Ignores Opportunity to Partner With Neighborhood Council   Let’s imagine your home is looking a little rough around the edges and you’ve begun an action plan to fix it up. Someone knocks on your door and says, “Surprise! I have $1,000,000 to fix up your house.” “GREAT!” you think.…

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