Rosalyn Myles

By Carla Weber

At the very western edge of the Washington Corridor, Rosalyn Myles juggles her many selves and many lives. As any single mom will tell you, it’s all in a days work.  Constantly navigating fluctuating interests;  economies, work necessities, carpooling schedules and artistic mediums, Myles has managed to hone in on her craft as a mixed media and installation artist.

Rosalyn discovered an interest in theatre and dance while attending Mills College and subsequently went on to California College of Arts and Crafts for graduate school in fine art. During this time an accident left her with a broken jaw wired shut for 2 months, forcing Myles to ask herself “What am I doing with my life?” Her need to communicate resulted in an abundance of artistic work and the commitment catapulted Myles into the serious artist she has become.

Through photography, Photoshop, collage, found objects, soft sculpture, painting, installation, accumulated props and set dressing taken from her days as a set decorator, she creates vignettes and snapshots of life’s scenes. These evocative and impressionistic settings provide a penetrating mirror and impression into her world and its characters. No stone goes unturned as politics, families and race are woven into the pieces sometimes with direct punch and more often with great subtlety.  One such piece, an installation for a 2003 show at The Armory, was a vintage silver aluminum trailer set in a backyard in Watts, inspired by a neighbor.  This particular installation incorporated a broad range of ordinary and unremarkable materials, conjuring ideas, images and flavors that threw the viewer into a virtual reality.   
Although Rosalyn Myles most recent work was in a group show in conjunction with “Over Educated Minority Artists” at The Gallery at Mama’s Hot Tamales Café, that show sadly will be closing as The Neighborhood News comes off the press.
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