The Cork. Local Community Watering Hole

The Cork Bar & Grill has been a community gathering place since the 1940’s.

Jazz and blues musicians making their way to Los Angeles found many social venues closed to them but legends such as Cab Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Joe Black and the athlete Hank Robinson found a welcome home at the Cork which continues to be a unique part of the rich history of the West Adams District,

I didn’t know what to expect when I walked through the door but  immediately felt relaxed and welcomed.  The friendly staff directed me to a charming young man, William Villegas who is the Business Manager for the owner, Seth Cartwright.

William and I engaged in conversation about the wonderfully diverse global staff, composed of people from South America to Europe. Jupiter, the bartender, is an exotic beauty and musician from Columbia and loves listening to the jukebox selections made by the musically savvy customers, everything from classic R&B to Miles and Coltrane.

The clientele are are also eclectic and diverse – from the local neighborhood woman who shows up every day, to the third generation daughter, who followed her father and grandfather to this popular watering hole. The grandfather exclaimed “what are you doing showing up at my spot!?” Athletes and entertainers have remained constant customers.


The extra bonus is the food. The popular fish tacos, did not disappoint, offering a burst of satisfying flavors. They recently introduced their first-time appetizer menu featuring Louisiana style dirty rice and Jupiter’s stuffed avocado.  Some of the more popular drinks are the Cadillac Margarita and the Long Island Ice Tea (sip at your own risk).

The significance of The Cork is it’s staying power, it’s embrace of diversity which is so L.A., as well as its’ cultural and historical significance.

In the world of dream interpretation, “to dream of Cork, signifies that you will soon enter a state of prosperity in which you will revel in happiness of the most select kind.”

I have already planned a “girls night out”.  I want to share the positive community and cultural experience.  Jupiter’s words of bartender wisdom rang true – “if you want your friends from other places to experience the true taste of L.A., bring them to The Cork.”

For more information on this historical landmark icon, visit their website – even better, stop and go 4771 West Adams Blvd.  90016  323-731-2030

Photo's by JL Sedano





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