Mariscos "El Gringo"

After a few bumpy starts and stops, Jerry Del Campo’s seafood restaurant Mariscos “El Gringo” is open and business is brisk.

Located in the corner of the pocket mall on Washington and Crenshaw, Jerry worked hard to create an inviting and attractive interior, complete with four tv screens, festive décor, attractive table cloths and a dj for the evenings.  After a few missteps that resulted in Councilman Wesson and a few neighbors opposing Jerry’s request for a beer and wine license, Jerry volunteered to adhere to a long list of requirements and finally received his license to the delight of his local supporters.  One last touch, a chef who knew what he was doing and Jerry was off and running.

During a recent visit I started with an appetizer of Pico de Gallo with chips.

The bowl of avocado, tomatoes, onion and cilantro had just the right amount of tart, spicy and fresh and I polished it off by the time my main meal, the Camarones Gringos, arrived. Served on a large square platter I knew I would not be hungry when I finished. The plate contained lightly shredded red cabbage topped with croutons and drizzled with a very delicious homemade sesame dressing all sitting next to slices of cucumber and tomato topped with avocado slices, a small bowl of tasty dip made from blending salsa, mayonnaise and few other ingredients, a compact mound of white rice and a big wrap of foil. I opened it up to a steaming mixture of flayed open shrimps, potatoes, red peppers and onions in a flavorful broth that I sopped up with the rice.  Other dishes to choose from include garlic shrimp or fish fillet, combinations of octopus, abalone, crab, shrimp and oysters, and many other combinations.  The oyster dish has become very popular and I look forward to stopping in for lunch to try one of his signature bagel sandwiches. Dinners range from $9 - $12, bagel sandwiches are around $8, tacos are $2.25, soups $10 - $12.  Our community cries out for more local food resources and the residents on the south east side of TNN’s borders welcome this needed addition to their restaurant options.






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