Edward (Eddie) Ingram, Ingram's Antiques

For the last 20 or so years if you took Washington Boulevard between La Brea and Crenshaw, chances are you would have noticed Eddie in front of his Ingram’s Antique shop on the south side of the street by West Boulevard. 
He sat among the chairs, trunks, drawers, tables and other sundry items, while holding court with a steady stream of visitors, neighbors and clients. ingramwebbI finally decided to stop in and see what treasures I could find and I was not disappointed.  As my eye traveled from item to item, impressed, uninterested, excited, it stopped cold in front of an 18 inch tall, plaster statue of Louis Armstrong dressed in a vintage, mustard yellow, late 30’s early 40’s suit; clutching his horn,  holding the ever present handkerchief, his head thrown back with that million dollar smile. I had to have it!  Instead of playing it cool, I blurted out “This is AMAZING!!  How much!!??”  Eddie gave me an exceedingly generous and affordable quote and I walked out of the store with my arms around Louis.  

Looking online for information about his recent passing, I came across a customer review that pays Eddy and Ingram’s Antiques proper homage:

ingramwebc"A few weeks ago I drove by Ingram's Antiques on my way out to the west side and made a point of going back to look around. I'm so happy that I did.  Street parking is plentiful, and as I rounded the corner I was greeted by the owner, who was sitting out front listening to jazz.  He later shared with me that he's been selling antiques for five decades.  Inside it's a literal treasure hunt.  The store is packed, and I spent half an hour slowly making my way through it, tiptoeing around dressers and chairs and paintings. I opened a beautiful teal chest to discover vintage Mahjong tiles.  There's a great deal of art work, old tins, jewelry, handbags, and hats.  It's clear that the store has been curated by a man who has a love and knowledge of old collectibles, and there isn't a whiff of pretension about the place.  I asked him if he sold online, he replied "not really". I bought a lovely Tortolani necklace, which I later learned (upon Googling) is a Los Angeles jeweler who has been making custom pieces for 70 years. I got it at a fabulous price too."   Yelp review Eileen K. 

TNN says "Goodbye Eddie and thanks for being a valuable member of our community."



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