Brent Green, Greening The Neighborhood

By Dessie Reese

Brent Green serves as Vice-president to a new Neighborhood Block Club in the area between La Brea Ave and Hauser Ave. south of Washington Blvd., Region 7 of the MINC Neighborhood Association. He is also responsible for the greening of Mid-City.

Very seldom do you meet someone whose love for nature matches his heart, intellect and soul. Brent Green’s love for plants began at the tender age of 6 when his mother cut the branch off of a philodendron plant from a pot in the kitchen window, to demonstrate to her sweet son how nature takes its course and would soon produce another. She would pay him 25 cents to water the plant and take care of it. The philodendron plant did indeed produce another, and another, and so Brent took it upon himself to produce even more plants through cuttings. He thought it was not only a good idea to make stems from the mother plant to watch them grow but he could also put them in Dixie cups and give them to the older women in his neighborhood as Christmas gifts. The accolades and support he received from his friends, family and neighbors was astounding and inspired him to continue his devotion to plants, eventually obtaining a degree in Horticulture from Cal Poly Santa Luis Obispo College.

Brent’s adventures through life and nature always centered around his love for plants.  After high school football and baseball practice, or running to Paul Revere Horticultural Unit after school, Brent would enthusiastically hurry home again to complete a new gardening project in his parent’s garden. Even though he was considered “one of the boys”, his classmates would always make fun and call him silly names like “flower boy” but this did not faze him in the least. Brent continued to beautify his entire childhood neighborhood every chance he got.

He is very confident that in order to make a real change you must lead by example. Over the past 10 years, Brent has personally donated and planted over 200 types of trees, along San Vincente Blvd. from Pico to Wilshire Blvd. His generosity has now lead him to renew the Mid-City area with bountiful trees along every street from La Brea Ave to Hauser Avenue.  In addition he will be designing and landscaping the La Brea Median project this Spring 2009 near the 10 Fwy. Eventually all the streets throughout Region 7 will be lined with beautiful and lavish California Peppers; Elm, California Sycamore, Tipu, Purple Plums, Jacaranda, and Eucalyptus Trees.

Through his efforts to make Mid-City truly “Green” in every way, he has shown it takes the support of an entire Neighborhood.  Brent consistently stresses the point that we must unite as Neighbors to plant and landscape the area in order to bring prestige and higher property values back to stake holders and residents, as well as bring a better sense of Neighborhood and quality of life to every street in Region 7.

Brent, along with wife, Cheryl Green and daughter Grace, has built his own outstanding landscaping and design company, known as Green Art Landscaping and Design. His client list includes the best and most prestigious neighborhoods in Los Angeles County such as Hancock Park, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Hollywood Hills, Hombly Hills, Greenstone Mansion, West Adams Historical District and the Venice Canals to name just a few. Feel free to view his website at   Click Here

Everyday he dreams of a fabulous neighborhood where families and their children can be free to walk through their communities surrounded by “green” opulence, safe, well-cared for streets and alleyways. This is a man who proves that to change a nation you start with one man, one community, one neighborhood at a time.





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