World Harvest Food Bank

World Harvest Food Bank On a day of new beginnings, Kendra Ogletree is eager to get home with her cart full of groceries to start making all-natural, homemade juices. Finding herself jobless, ill, and caring for a son with autism, she says she is praying her way back onto her feet as she transitions…

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Welcome Mid-City Heights

Welcome Mid-City HeightsResidents in the area bordered by Hauser on the west, West Blvd. on the east, Washington on the North, and the 10 Freeway on the south have had a dream come true. They have successfully secured the name Mid-City Heights for their community.  Jeff Copeland and Roxie Brusso celebrate at…

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Rent Control or Rent Stabilization

Rent Control or Rent StabilizationRenting in L.A. is about as enjoyable as having a third job -- which many renters have, spending nearly half their monthly income on rent. As neighborhoods gentrify from Venice to Highland Park, the city’s rental market is intensifying, prompting rising prices and rising pressures. Renters compete to lease…

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Airline Noise Crisis Under Airplane Highway

Airline Noise Crisis Under Airplane HighwayAs we reported in our last issue, communities from the ocean to downtown and back have been at the mercy of a thin aerial highway of packed air flights soaring over them throughout the day and late into the night, with rare respite.  And it’s getting worse.It’s Sunday…

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Call Your Representatives In Washington

One of the best and easiest ways you can make a difference in these troubling times is to call your representative in Congress. Those phone calls are critical to decisions they make to stand up for issues you care about.  "Congressional offices tally every issue that people in their district…

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Trees Throw Shade on Pico. The Good Kind!

Trees Throw Shade on Pico. The Good Kind!If you were out on Pico and Hauser Saturday, May 13th, you would have seen Council President Herb Wesson’s tent and a lot of people digging holes and planting trees. Liz Carlin (Wesson’s deputy), members of the Pico Great Street Collaborative, and the crew from the Korean Youth & Community…

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World On Wheels. Back In the House!

World On Wheels. Back In the House! When World On Wheels, the bowling alley and Maria's Cafe closed in the summer of 2013,  a collective groan went up in Mid-City.  Located where Pico, San Vicente and Venice meet, the AMF bowling center filed bankruptcy and shut down its Mid-City operation.  The skating rink, where family, friends and…

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Sinkholes! What do you think of when you hear the word “sinkhole?” You might think of the Guatemala sinkhole of 2007. The sinkhole opened up, swallowed a city intersection, cars, and three people’s lives. Due to the heavier than expected rains this season, sinkholes have appeared throughout the city and…

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Sanctuary Churches in MidCity

Sanctuary Churches in MidCity When Noel Díaz describes his first time being deported back to his native Tijuana, he chuckles and blames his grandfather. Díaz’s mother lost her job in Los Angeles and stopped sending remittances back to Mexico. His grandfather, worried that he hadn't heard from her, handed his undocumented daughter’s home address…

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Becoming A Great Street. What's Ahead For Pico

Becoming A Great Street. What's Ahead For PicoThe Pico Great Street Collaborative won a Challenge Grant from the City of Los Angeles in January that could mean up to $500,000 in community-building improvements to Pico Blvd between Fairfax and Cochran. Their “Destination: Pico” proposal calls for improved design to make this historic part of Pico a safer and…

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