Senior Lifestyle Tips

{jcomments off}Walking for Senior Health

Here's another senior health care tip. When walking for senior exercise, it is important that you keep a normal stride. Over-extending our stride length jolts our joints and actually slows us down. You may also put stress on your joints and ligaments by trying to go very quickly or by lengthening your stride too much. Take it easy! Studies show that walking is just as effective as running for aerobic exercise. It may take you a bit longer, but then you just have more opportunities to stop and smell the roses!

Senior Health Care and Nutrition

We all worry about our weight as we get older. In today's world, restaurants serve huge portions, but you don't have to fall prey to these problems! Although 'Diets' aren't always the easy way to maintain a healthy weight for senior health, eating less can be. Use the salad plate for our meals rather than the dinner plate; less surface, less food. Your system will soon adapt to this decrease and 'less' will be plenty! You'll see the excess pounds melt slowly away. Couple this with a walk each day and you will look and feel better!

Senior Health and Maintaining Balance

For better senior health your lifestyle should be to do all things with a temperance; that is, don't overeat, don't overbuy, etc. To make it short: don't over 'do'! By following this simple rule, you will ensure your health and safety. Don't be afraid of an occassional indulgence, but good habits make healthy people!

Senior Health and Medications

One of the formost senior health issues of the day is prescription medications. Whether the issue is money or drug interaction, every senior citizen needs to use their head when thinking about medication.

For instance, if your physician prescribes new medications for you, always ask if he has any samples to give you. It's not wise to pay for new medications without knowing you can 'take' them and not have severe side effects. Pharmaceutical companies supply free samples to doctors just for these purposes. Even if getting renewal prescriptions for meds, ask for samples. Make sure you physician knows all of the medication you are taking though, because you want to avoid any drug interaction reactions.


Keeping Your Senior Parents Safe

The years pass quickly.  You’re 50+ and that means your living parents are definitely seniors. If they’re in good health, fantastic!  This is the time to discuss and make plans to help them stay in their home as long as possible by enhancing the home’s safety.  Just as you can ‘child-proof,’ you can ‘senior-proof’ a home. Ask parents for their input regarding special needs and pay attention to the following concerns:

Entrances. If there are steps into the house, a handrail will reduce risk of falling. Light the entrance so people can see clearly and put reflector tape on each step. Increase safety by building a ramp, or gradual slope with a handrail.

Avoid Slipping Opportunities. Remove all rugs that are not attached or wall to wall. Use bio-degradable, non-skid wax and floor cleaners and eliminate slippery floors.

Bright lighting. Good lighting is important in reading areas,  the kitchen, hallways and bathrooms.

Stairs. Keep them clutter free, brightly lit and have handrails- on both sides; reduce clutter everywhere.

Electrical cords. Place all lamps and appliances close to walls so that electrical cords don’t’ lay in traffic areas.

Bathroom. Put in raised toilet seats and grab bars.  Use a textured bathmat or strips in tubs and shower stalls.

Lower water temperature. To avoid the possibility of scalding.

Shelves. Place items on shelves low enough for them to be reached easily- food, dishes or books.

Furniture. Remove low furniture from traffic areas.  Place chairs closer together to make conversation easier for the hard of hearing. Ease getting in and out of low cushioned chairs and sofas and raise the height by placing a pillow or folded blanket under the cushions.

Next issue:  in-home assistance and care services.

This fall Carol Hall and her partner, Dr. BJ Hawkins, are launching Hall & Hawkins- Caring Consultants for Seniors



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