Black Seeds Mural by Moses X Ball

The Black Seeds Mural of Jefferson Blvd, unveiled in 1991, was the inspired vision of local resident, Gus Harris Jr., a United Neighborhood  Neighborhoods Council (UNNC) member.






















One day Councilman Robert Ferrell pointed out the empty wall bordering Leslie N. Shaw Park on Jefferson and 3rd and suggested that it would be a great place for a mural. Gus had an image he had been thinking of for years and got together with artist Moses X Ball who put those ideas on canvas. But the canvas nearly met its end when it flew out of the back of Gus’s truck into the middle of the highway. He pulled over, jumped out of the van and watched a truck ran over it, the wind throw it up in the air and a semi-truck smash into it. Gus stood there and watched the semi speed down the highway, knowing he had lost the painting forever. Suddenly a miracle. He saw it lying in the middle of the highway! He was able to retrieve it and miraculously, it was salvageable. It now hangs proudly in Gus’s corner store at 5th andJefferson Boulevard. In 2009, the mural, based on the canvas, was restored to its original vibrancy. Well worth the visit down to Jefferson and 3rd, a few blocks west of Arlington.









































































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