Alan Disparte

With a push pull to move to Los Angeles, Alan Disparte, a San Francisco artist, transplanted himself this March into the whirlwind of the L. A. scene.

Moving lock, stock and barrel into the basin heartland, Disparte zoomed onto the fast lane of Mid City right onto Washington Boulevard. An out of towner who used to live in Silverlake 18 years ago, he gravitated to Mid City because of it’s mish mosh of industrial, neighborly, eclectic boho vibes and the retention of it’s edgy appeal.  It was a perfect fit.
Upon landing in Los Angeles, Disparte found himself frantically preparing for a one-man show in La Jolla. Not a bad way to crash land in Los Angeles where finding a reputable gallery to give you an exhibition can take decades if not a life time to find!
Disparte’s work encompasses a vast landscape of mediums.  His series of video installations combine elements of cartoon kitsch, nature and contemporary culture that are woven together to produce an intimate narrative, all displayed in modern day dioramas. Disparte’s paintings claim the canvas with humorous imagery that with a flip of the brush, magically goes astray.  Whether fusing animal and human figures with contrasting angst and naiveté, or painting post modern architectural with Victorian elements, the viewers sensibilities are constantly being challenged.

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