Pimp Daddies Run LA Conservatorships Court

Reprinted with permission from Citywatch LA
Originally published 15 NOVEMBER 2021

A VIEW FROM HERE - The Los Angeles Conservatorship Court set Britney Spears free for one reason – to protect itself from additional public scrutiny. 

In Los Angeles, conservatorships are handled by the Probate Court.  Other states have different names for the divisions which handle conservatorhips.  Many are corrupt, but it is doubtful that other states have a conservatorship court as avariciously corrupt as Los Angeles. 

A Fish Rots From the Head Down 

LA Conservatorships are part of a crimogenic judicial system ruled by the California Chief Justice Tani Gorre Cantil-Sakauye.  She also controls the Commissions Judicial Performance (CJP) where she can stop any complaints against corrupt judges and she controls the California State Bar where she can protect any dishonest attorney and have any attorney who dissents from the crimogenic nature of the judiciary disbarred.  This concentration of power in the hands of one person predates Tani Gorre Cantil-Sakauye’s tenure.   http://cnn.it/1E0z45k My 24, 2010, CNN, Lawyer Jailed 14 Months, but Not Charged with a Crime, by Abbie Boudreau, Under her aegis, the corruption has become pandemic in the state court system as Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Alex Kozinski noted in January 2015, and who was subsequently forced off the bench. 

The public got a glimpse of the corruption with the Attorney Tom Girardi case, who had been stealing millions of dollars from clients with the knowledge and protection of the State Bar.  While the State Bar knew about Girardi’s bribery and his sex ranches for judges, it also allowed Girardi to have his own man inside the State Bar to thwart any complaints.  In July 2021 The LA Times started publishing its investigation in Girardi’s man, Tom Layton. Despite hundreds of complaints over millions of missing dollars of client’s money and an untold number of complaints to the State Bar, the Bar protected the corruption by making certain that none of the complaints became public. 

“Girardi was sued over a hundred times with many complaints filed against him. . .   . In what became a pattern, often millions of dollars would go missing. However, these frequent [State Bar] complaints remained private unless they resulted in formal charges in state bar court. . . .Girardi would avoid court orders demanding his firm books and other financial records due to his close relationships with bar officials.” 

“It’s a sophisticated insurance fraud scam, perfected over the years” were the words of another famous LA attorney who wishes to remain anonymous. “Gloria [Allred] and Tom [Girardi] have been running the State Bar scam for years and a lot of people have known about it for years. Why no one did anything? I suppose you have to ask the State Bar!”   TV MIX Nov 9, 2021 

Why No One Did Anything 

Attorneys, who have done nothing wrong like Richard I Fine and Yours Truly but who object to the court’s criminal behavior, are framed and   disbarred.  We are supposed to believe that California Chief Justice Tani Gorre Cantil-Sakauye did not know about Girardi and Allred and the missing millions of dollars and gazillion of State Bar complaints.  Yeah, like Al Capone knew nothing about bootlegging in Chicago.  (BTW, a federal judge in Chicago busted Girardi for corruption. Left to Tani, Girardi’s empire would be running strong.) 

Britney Spears’ Abuse Is Common 

One would think that Wokers would care about a system which preys mostly on women, but when it comes to Wokers’ siding with abusive women versus abused women, the Wokers side with the abusers.  Not only is the Conservatorship Court under the thumb of the Chief Justice and many of the worst judges are women like Reva Goetz, Deborah Christian, and Elizabeth Lippitt, but also their victims are disproportionately women.  Notice how rapidly Judge Goetz slapped Britney into a conservatorship and who was deprived of the right to have her own attorney.  Kanye West should be thankful he’s not female.

Women live longer than men and often marry older men.  Thus, widows are more likely to be shoved into conservatorship court.  Often, their husbands made the money and now the children are squabbling.  As the Casey Kasem case shows, men can also fall prey to conservatorship court. 

Dementia Should Not be a Justification for Judicial Financial Rape 

While many elders suffer from degrees of dementia, the court’s belief that an elder’s cognitive decline is the green light to loot and abuse is worse than a disgrace.  As was revealed with Britney, the court even allow her conservator Jamie Spears to place a recording device beneath her bed so that he could eavesdrop on her pillow talk.  In Los Angeles, conservatorees like Britney and the Widow M have no rights whatsoever.  If anyone should bring the Probate Code or California Supreme Court cases to the attention of the court, the typical response is “That’s not how we do things here.” 

Your Attorney is Your Enemy 

The idea that a client may trust and confide in his/her attorney does not apply in Los Angeles conservatorship court.  Not only does the attorney owe no duty of faithfulness to the client, but the attorney may take positions diametrically opposed to the client’s wishes and interests and have the judge order the conservatee to pay for her own attorney’s faithlessness.  Case in point is the Widow M, about whom we have not written lately. 

Years before the court found the Widow M had any cognitive impairment, the widow was objecting in writing to the court appointed attorney, Audre Delahoussaye-Quantrell, who was repetitively  taking positions which were contrary to the widow’s directions and best interests – long before the widow had been divested of any of her rights.  Not only did CAC Quantrell interfere with the Widow M’s managing her rentals, she also sided with the opposing party in the widow’s civil lawsuit over real estate fraud.  When the widow objected to the petition which required her to sell all of her real estate, CAC Quantrell admitted that she pressing forward with the financially ruinous petition to protect her own interests.  On July 22, 2019 she wrote, “If I request that the petition to approve it be waived, I believe that I am putting myself in a position to be sued for breach of contract and I am not willing to do that.”  Despite many requests who would sue her, CAC Quantrell refused to reply.  It was an unequivocal admission of a conflict of interest aggravated by a refusal to communicate with her client. 

Then on October 24,2021 CAC Quantrell recommended that the widow be placed under the personal conservatorship of her daughter whom the Widow M is suing in civil court for real estate fraud and elder abuse so that the defendant-daughter could threaten her mother to dismiss her civil lawsuit. In response to this perfidious betrayal of her client, the judge is not only silent about CAC Quantrell’s years of abuse of the widow, but then on October 19, 2021, the judge also orders the widow to pay CAC Quantrell for another 5 hours of work. 

Meanwhile, the Widow M who is now 80 years old is taking care of her short term rentals generating income to keep her estate solvent but the judge turns over the window’s money to her court-appointed abusers who are looting the estate.  That certainly sounds like Judge Pimp Daddy. What more descriptive term for forcing a woman to do the work and giving her money to others? 

This is exactly how the conservatorship court treated Britney Spears; she did the work while the judges gave her money to the leaches. This is the corrupt Pimp Daddy system which the court hopes to keep in tact by freeing Britney Spears, knowing that no other conservatee has a worldwide support organization.

(Richard Lee Abrams has been an attorney, a Realtor and community relations consultant as well as a CityWatch contributor. The views expressed herein are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of CityWatch or The Neighborhood News. You may email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) 


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