Burnside Ave Bridge Gets Some TLC

Thanks to the funding and grants from the Mid-City Neighborhood Council and LANI, over 160 teachers, parents, children, and youth from the New LA Charter School and the Mid-City community celebrated Martin Luther King Day by sprucing up the Burnside Ave. Bridge off Washington Boulevard. 

Feb18Bridge3They decorated brick planters with beautiful purple flowers, planted California native succulents and painted the brick side-wall of the bridge (on both sides)  with unique designs. 

The vision started with longtime Mid-City resident and 6th grade resource teacher, Carmen O’Connor, and New LA art teacher, Rena Winton. 

Ms. O’Connor:We decided to do the Beautification project as a community project that the students at New LA and the community could do together. Our school requires community engagement hours, so we also wanted to provide a place for them to earn these hours. We also decided it was a place to start in the project of making the space along the river a usable public space.”  

“It turned out better than we could have ever hoped.” Ms. Winton states.

FEB18Bridge5"I loved helping paint the mural," First Grader Fernanda Alcala De La Torre chimed in with a huge smile on her face. “Making change in your community can start at any age no matter how young or old.”

Lily Larsen is 17 and founder of adolescentactivist.com. She is the youngest Intern at City Hall and a strong advocate for youth representation in every LA Neighborhood Council.


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