Street Robbery on Venice and Harvard

This past Tuesday, approximately 10:30 am, a young woman, pushing a baby in a stroller, was robbed on Venice and Harvard.  The lone assailant got out of a car, smiled and greeted the woman, and then grabbed her necklace from behind after she passed him.  She bit his hand but did not further confront him as she was more concerned with the child.  The suspect ran back to the car and sped off.  Likely, he had a driver.

The suspect is described as a young black male, 18 years old, 5' 8" 130 lbs, wearing a white t-shirt, dark gray shorts, and black tennis shoes.  According to the LAPD, this young man matches the description of the suspect of two additional robberies the day prior (Monday), also apparently on Harvard.  A number of months ago, you may recall suspects matching this description robbing people at bus stops along Pico east of us in broad daylight.

If you see anyone acting suspicious and matching that description, please call 911.  Please also call Senior Lead Officer Muy on his cell at 213-793-0787.

The last time we experienced a rash of crimes in the area, home break-ins during daylight hours, we were able to get a detailed description of the suspect, a description of the car, and a partial license number because of ongoing e:mail updates and an alert neighbor which ended the crime spree.  These young criminals, as likely with the ones who robbed the woman on Tuesday, were from outside our area and preyed on neighbors in safe neighborhoods whose guard would be down.

Don't let that be you!  As always, please be aware of your surroundings and alert the police if you see any suspicious activity.  The LAPD encourages us to be vigilant and to not hesitate in calling them - it's their job.  And, they really appreciate our watchful eyes.

Finally, with the price of gold at all-time highs, be careful displaying jewelry on your person.  As with the woman with the baby, her simple gold necklace made her a target for this crime of opportunity.




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