Mayors Proposed Budget for Neighborhood Councils 2011- 2012

The Mayor's office just released the city's 2011-2012 city budget.

In the budget he recommends the suspension of the NC funding roll over policy and a 10% reduction in the allocation of neighborhood council funds for next fiscal year.  This amounts to an allocation of $ 40,500 dollars.

Below is the wording from the Mayor Budget document:


The 2011-12 Proposed Budget for the Neighborhood Council Funding Program relates to current year funding as follows:

New Appropriation

Unexpended Balance
From Prior Year

Total Appropriation

2010-11 Adopted Budget

$ 4,050,000

$ 1,881,000

$  5,931,000

2011-12 Proposed Budget

$ 3,766,500

$ -

$  3,766,500

Change from 2010-11 Budget

$ (2,164,500)

Percent Change


The Neighborhood Council Funding Program provides funding to certified neighborhood councils for operation and

neighborhood improvement purposes designated by each neighborhood council and within guidelines identified in accordance with Administrative Code Section 22.810.1(g), money appropriated in the budget each year for certified neighborhood councils for costs related to the functions, operations, and duties of being a certified neighborhood council shall be placed in the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment Fund and monitored by the City.


If a neighborhood council enrolls during a fiscal year, the appropriation is prorated based on the quarter during which it enrolls. On June 22, 2005, the City Council adopted a policy through which individual unspent neighborhood council fund balances would  rollover at the end of each fiscal year for a period of time not to exceed three years from the date of initial allocation. On December 18, 2007, the City Council (C.F. 05-0894-S5) approved a modification of the Neighborhood Council Funding Program to ensure that a neighborhood council shall not have more than $150,000 in available funds at any given time.

The 2011-12 Proposed Budget suspends the “rollover” policy. Funding for Neighborhood Councils will be provided on an annual basis during the budget process. Any unspent funds remaining at the end of the fiscal year will not carry forward into neighborhood council accounts for use in the next fiscal year.

In the 2009-10 Budget, the City Council (C.F. 09-0600) approved a ten percent reduction to the annual allocation from $50,000 to $45,000. The 2011-12 Proposed Budget includes an appropriation which reflects a ten percent reduction from $45,000 to $40,500 for neighborhood councils. There are currently 93 certified neighborhood councils and a new appropriation of $3,766,500 is  recommended for 2011-12 to provide each neighborhood council with its annual allocation of $40,500.

Funding in the amount of $81,000 for two new Neighborhood Councils expected to be certified in 2011-12 will be provided in the Unappropriated Balance.

Good luck with allocating your 2010-2011 funds to the community.





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