United NeighborhoodS Neighborhood Council UNNC AUG/SEPT 2011

- The Board voted unanimously to allow the sitting members of the executive board to retain their positions. Steve Stern President, Billie Green Vice President, Norman Gilmore secretary and Wesley Todd treasurer.

- Chris Carlson reported a large scale palm tree theft. Two trees were removed from the CalTrans slope behind Whitney High School. They were taken out with cranes.

- Steve Wallis said there were three muggings between Venice and Washington, they seem to be going after jewelry. There are continuing thefts of copper from light poles. If the vehicles do not have city logos, call police. Finally, catalytic converters are being stolen from Toyota pickup trucks.

- Motions to approve Sanjiv Bhattacharya and William Hernandez to the at-large board seats was approved unanimously.

- Several motions to approve a renewal of an ad in The Neighborhood News failed with a split vote of 9 – 9 on two of the motions. The nature of the split was illustrated when Board Member Steve Wallis expressed the enthusiasm his community felt in receiving the

magazine while resident Donna Jones insisted the members of her community in the Avenues had no interest in the publication. Voters against, expressed concerns about content, ads they did not approve of and its value as an outreach tool. Voters for, expressed support for content, value that has come to be placed on it in the community, its support of the community and its use as an outreach tool. Chair Stevie Stern expressed several concerns including the fact that she was never consulted for information about UNNC and UNNC’s name had been mispelled several times.


- $2,300 approved for holiday events at the South Seas House.

- UNNC reps Laura Meyers and Stevie Stern met with CIM who are the developers for the proposed Fresh n Easy grocery store coming to the corner of Jefferson and Crenshaw. CIM accepted a request to install a door that would initially be closed but could be opened to the public when the Expo line Station opens and creates more pedestrian traffic.

- There was a ground breaking for the Benny Potter Park Annex. Construction will start mid-August. There will be exercise equipment, walking trails, and barbeque pits.

- The city is now enforcing rules against parking on your parkway. The sidewalk must remain clear for use by walkers and wheelchair users.

- Motion passes to fund Nosy Eye Block Club’s annual party, $262, for insurance.

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