Olympic Park Neighborhood Council OPNC June 2012


--San Vicente Medium Project – CRA disbanded, funds made available for the project can’t be touched because there is no entity to receive funds.  It is unknown if the project will be completed.

--Queen Anne Recreation Center Easter event scheduled April 7, 2012

--Eastside board member absences – we need to work harder recruiting eastside members.  Laura suggested we make flyers to help recruit new people.

Motions Approved:

- a letter in support of PIPS obtaining a full liquor license and change in operating hours, Monday through Wednesday 11:30 AM to 12 AM.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11 AM to 1:30 AM.


- retreat at PIPS – spend up to $2,000 = $22.00 per person.  Schedule mid June, 2012.  Peter indicated the retreat could be at another restaurant if approved by Board, this vote is not contingent on the retreat being at PIPS.


-  Joseph Hancock – sent a letter  resigning from the board affective 5/7/2012.

Chris O’Mailey - just moved out of the OPNC area and has resigned from the board affective June 2012.

Motions Approved:

-  West Seat Representative; Orletha Anderson approved  to replace Chris O’Malley.  Just moved into the area about a year ago, is involved with Queen Anne Park. Her experience is in banking and real estate.

-  Letter of support for Wingstop Restaurant in Midtown Plaza:  for beer/wine license – CB license – beer/wine served from 11am to 12 pm.  Tap beer (2) tabs.  People will have to order food in order to have beer/wine. Owner Danny Sonenshine.  We conditioned they stop serving at 11:30, required employee training, no beer/wine without food, sales from 11am to 11:30pm and no offsite sales.

-  CRA project review hearing May 17, 9am.

Peter to draft a letter in support of funding CRA San Vicente project.

Funding Approved:

- $4,320 Koreatown Youth Community Center KYCC tree maintenance program for 18 trees east of Western on Pico Blvd.

- $350 for a full page ad in The Neighborhood News regarding the retreat dinner

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