The Christian Food Center

The  Christian Food Center is an 18 year-old non-profit organization that provides basic food staples to disadvantaged families living in Los Angeles County.

Cost for individuals is $10.00 per year to be a member and then $25.00 to obtain one week supply of food to feed a family of five. They distribute Meats, Processed Foods, Bread, Beans, Rice, Cereal, Pasta, Milk and Milk Derivates, Canned Goods, Fresh Fruits, and Vegetables and an inside regular store is on location. You get to choose your own vegetables and they supply milk, meat, canned goods. You will not believe this!
Who Is Eligible: AFDC, SSI, GR, WIC, CalWORKS, Disability, Food Stamp Program, Unemployment, Fully

employed individuals who have an annual income of $19,000 or less and who also have two or more children, Referrals from other non-profits, Referrals from churches of all religious denominations and Department of Social Services.
How Can You Get Food?
Completing the following three items the same day:
1. Bring proof of eligibility (Government letters awarding benefits, payroll stubs, referral letters from churches & other non-profit organizations)
2. Fill-out a member application
3. Pay the annual member fee of $10.00
Note:  All memberships expire on December 24th regardless of the registration date.


1101 E. Washington Blvd.  downtown between Central and San Pedro  (213) 741-0213




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