My Dog Won't Stop Scratching

I have a three year-old Yorkie. For the last year, he's been scratching and scratching like crazy. I've tried switching his food, changing his shampoo, vitamin sprays, everything. I don't know what to do! Please can you help my poor Yorkie? He's losing hair in a few areas on his legs. Thank you so much!


Dear Camilla

I adopted a dog with an itching problem and discovered there were several contributing factors. The three big categories of itch are food allergies, inhaled or contact allergies, and parasites.  Through paying close attention I found that chicken was a big culprit as were fleas. Dogs are often allergic to wheat and corn so I have her on very high quality fish kibble and I also throw in some microwaved catfish nuggets. A $10 bag goes a long way for small dogs.  Luckily my dog loves vegetables which I use for treats instead of biscuits.  I once mistakenly bought a high grade fish kibble and discovered too late that it had egg in it. My dog paid for the mistake.  She also has an allergic reaction to fleas so I use a flea medication that keeps fleas OFF of her. Many of the flea oils that are prescribed by the vets poison the flea after it has bitten your dog so these are not effective for a dog with flea allergies.

Another serious and often ignored source of itching for dogs are yeast infections. This often happens as a secondary reaction to the itching which opens the skin, and allows any yeast on the surface of the skin to enter the blood system. Then the skin will begin to turn black with crusting and hair loss. Research about yeast and dogs will let you know which foods to keep away from the dog. Supplementing her diet with acidophilus is important as well. I also discovered a very effective lotion for all of these issues, Dermamagic. It's a bit of a bother to put on the dog twice a day but it really works and you will see results within a week. But you have to treat the allergies and the diet as well. It took attention and action but my little pup is much relieved and I don't have to endure the frustration of watching her itch all the time. A relief for us both.

Dianne Lawrence






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