Celia Bell Says Goodbye To Beloved Community

Gracie Santana            Celia Bell

Before her recent move to Las Vegas, forty-six year Council District 10 resident, Celia Bell, was a tireless community activist. Her work as creator and President of the Longwood Highland Neighborhood Watch, representative of Region 5 on the Mid City Neighborhood Council, and member of Women for Wesson allowed her to keep her local neighborhood informed, active and connected.

Celia had an active professional life working with the County for thirty-seven years as Head of Internal Affairs of the Department of Public Social Service. Longtime friend Lottie Taylor tells us


“Celia was a kind, Christian woman and a minister in The Marantha Church. She was always involved with politics and we went to many political events together.”

Five years ago during an increase in local robberies, Celia organized and created the neighborhood watch. Working with the local police department, crime went down and stayed down. The organization started with 27 members and has settled into an enthusiastic 10 – 15 regulars who meet monthly. Along with keeping an eye on the neighborhood, they enjoy seasonal parties and collect funds that go to local neighbors in distress.

Because of Lupus, Celia had both hips and shoulders replaced yet her work as a volunteer never wavered. When she recently took a bad spill the recovery wasn’t easy and it was clearly time for a change. She relocated to a “FABulous” (her word) assisted living facility in Las Vegas to be closer to her family and is quite happy there. She has left the group in the capable hands of neighbor, Gracie Santana who claims

“She has something special about her and was never discriminating. She taught me how to be supportive of other people. She liked everybody”.

Celia most enjoyed making sure her neighbors got out and voted for everything that came along. One can’t help but imagine that her living facility will see an increase in voting residents over the next few years.

The Neighborhood News, and all of her community groups, wave a fond farewell to Celia Bell, Community Activist and beloved neighbor.






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