Outdoor Dogs Get Cold!

Outdoor Dogs Get Cold! {jcomments off}Give a dog a choice between a soft pillow and cosy fire...or a cold ground outside, what do you think she will choose?  People who have outdoor dogs often mistake a dogs silence as an indication there is no problem but dogs can endure enormous pain and…

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Reward for Reporting Dog Fighting

Reward for Reporting Dog Fighting{jcomments off}The vicious blood “sport” of   dogfighting is still thriving underground, despite the public outrage that followed the  Michael Vick case. The HSUS estimates more than 40,000 people participate in organized dogfighting in the U.S., and hundreds of thousands more take part in impromptu street dogfighting. Blood thirsty Hip…

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Dogs With Tags and Chips Come Home

Dogs With Tags and Chips Come Home"My dog never gets out." Famous last words. Recently Los Angeles experienced an exciting thunder and lightning storm.  When I went to my front window to enjoy the light show, I saw a dog, soaking wet, running down the street in an utter panic. Over the next few…

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Why We Grieve Our Departed Pets

Why We Grieve Our Departed PetsIn Memory of Ginger, Girlfriend & Turbo. Neighborhood Friends"A dog is just a dog until you are facing him. Then he is Mr. Dog.'- Haitian saying.One winter, as my studio in L.A. was being earthquake-proofed, my two dogs Peggy and Crystal and I were invited to live in…

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78.2 million dogs deposit 30,000 tons of waste every day, 10,000,000 tons of waste a year. That’s 267,000 tractor trailers fully loaded with doggie doo, lined bumper to bumper that would stretch from Seattle to Boston.According to the EPA, dog waste is considered non-point source pollution along with…

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FREE SPAYING & NEUTERING! at South Los Angeles Animal Shelter

{jcomments off}Prior to 2013 between 19 and 20,000 feral and dropped- off family dogs and cats were euthanized at animal shelters. June and July are the worst months as boxes and boxes of kittens are brought to the shelter. Thanks to the mobilization of many rescue organizations, L.A. County’s commitment…

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Pooches Strut Their Stuff in This 1st Annual Event

Pooches Strut Their Stuff in This 1st Annual EventThe first annual Pico Pet Parade was held on Saturday February 15, 2014.  The idea for the parade was conceived by Erin Adams of Brainworks, along with Karen Bond of Eco Dog Wash and Karena Martin of Hound Dog & Cat.   Pico Boulevard is lined with unique, independent shops…

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Summer Hot Cement and Asphalt Burns Your Dogs Feet

Summer Hot Cement and Asphalt Burns Your Dogs FeetWhen was the last time you walked on a sidewalk or asphalt road in the middle of a hot summer's day...in bare feet?  Wouldn't think of venturing out without your sandals!   Now think of your dog as he walks beside you across a searing hot parking lot or runs alongside…

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Dognapping On the Rise

  NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Dogs are being stolen out of cars, yards, off sidewalks and even out of shelters at an alarming rate, according to the American Kennel Club. “It only takes a minute for a theft to occur,” American Kennel Club spokeswoman Lisa Peterson told CBS 2′s Dave Carlin…

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Legal Requirements for Outdoor Dogs

Legal Requirements for Outdoor Dogs

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