United Neighborhoods Neighborhood Council (UNNC) President Stevie Sterns Steps Down

" I have helped lead the UNNC for 13 years, plus two years as a founding member working towards UNNC’s certification by the City.  For the past 15 years, I’ve enjoyed working with UNNC neighbors, community activists from all over Los Angeles, and L.A. City elected officials and employees.…

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Our Neighborhood Council's 2013 Achievements

MID-CITY NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL- MINC- Participated in the Mayor’s Neighborhood Blitz - held a pothole lottery to determine which sections of road in MINC got repaired with our one-day street crew- CicLAvia - created a MINC hub and stop for CicLAvia - vendors, food trucks, community groups all had a presence…

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Neighborhood Council News, April 2013

More than a decade after the city's system of neighborhood councils was launched, debate is being renewed over their role in setting city policy and what the next mayor will do to include them. The two mayoral candidates, Councilman Eric Garcetti and Controller Wendy Greuel, both cite their…

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Neighborhood Councils Flex Their Muscles

Neighborhood Councils Flex Their Muscles A recent fight over a proposed $3 billion bond issue for street repairs illustrated the growing influence of neighborhood councils in Los Angeles city government, as they exerted enough influence to keep the measure off the ballot for now. The success in that case represents an evolution for the councils, which…

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How Neighborhood Councils Influence Quality of Life

Neighborhood Councils have a meaningful role in cajoling and persuading developers and architects to make lots of small changes that result in a big impact on the overall quality and value of the project. Almost every month, UNNC has an opportunity to influence some aspect of the quality…

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Neighborhood Council Updates

Congratulations to Mid City Neighborhood Council (MINC) for beating out 3 other nominated Councils from the S. Los Angeles area and winning the Empowerment LA Award from the City of Los Angeles for their outstanding community work in our area! Pico Neighborhood Council elections were competitive with several people…

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Neighborhood Council Elections Are Upon Us

Neighborhood Councils are gearing up for elections this summer and fall and you, dear reader, will help decide who will be representing your community. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to either run as a candidate to represent your community or Get Out and Vote!…

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An Updated Look at LA's Neighborhood Councils

They have yet to prove either as revolutionary as their backers hoped or as obstructionist as their opponents feared. When the neighborhood councils emerged from the Los Angeles charter reform movement in the late 1990s, they were the subject of that effort's greatest hopes and most serious anxieties.  Supporters…

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United Neighborhood Neighborhood Council UNNC June 2012

APRIL: Funding Requests Approved: - $1,450 to South Seas House to bring out the Long Beach Aquarium Mobile unit on two separate days, tentatively July 21st and August 10th. It will be coinciding with the opening of the Benny Potter Park Annex. 80 to 100 kids per hour can go through…

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Mid City Neighborhood Council MINC June2012

APRIL: There was a presentation from Officer Redd of LAPD Traffic Division on the proposed speed increase on Washington Blvd. DOT is proposing the increase of speed from 35 to 40 mph. Officer Redd gave pros and cons from LAPD’s perspective, and shared a survey that had been conducted previously…

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